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Western-style wedding has become a dominant today’s wedding. Western-style wedding is a romantic and beautiful and is given priority to every detail. It has a high requirement on the wedding arrangement. They are very pay attention to the environment and manners. So the negligence of details may be a whole wedding’s biggest failure. In western-style wedding, decoration skills will be in wedding dress supplies with the details.

Wedding Fav

The most easily overlooked detail is the card. When setting the table at the same time, you must know the total number of table in order to accurately calculate and prepare enough seats cards and menus for each guest. Seat card should be placed in front of the most eye-catching place of each seat. Wedding favor is another thing you should pay attention to. The 100pcs wedding favor is cute and interesting. Putting your little gifts inside and give the best wish to your guests.

Wedding FavWedding FavorWedding Favor

Western-style wedding table flower decoration is a bright spot, but the table flower design should not be too high, or it may be blocking the line of sight communication when the guests talk. If it is the round table, an ornamental design in the middle of the table is enough. And the size of the table of flowers should be designed according to the proportion of the table. In the middle of the table, in addition to flower adornment, you also can join the candlestick and other ornaments. So, it won’t make the wedding is too monotonous. Long shape or square table space is larger so the use of these small elements can be placed more in these two kinds of the table.

Wedding  Favor

Wedding  Favor

Use the glass that is full of colorful liquid to coordinate table ornamental design and the color of the cloth. The wine is filled into the crystal goblet to create a noble and elegant style. Don’t place some additional items to make table cluttered. You can arrange the specialist at the wedding banquet for the guests. If you have any special arrangement on the drinks, you should provide the corresponding cup for every guest.

Wedding  FavorWedding  Favor

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