Wedding Cake Trends in 2018

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and definitely needs to be above special, your wedding cake is one of the high points of your wedding, everyone wants to see how creative or even expensive you are and obviously you don’t want to kill their vibe with an eyesore termed a cake. Your wedding cake leaves a long lasting impression on your guests and therefore should definitely be worth remembering, in a good way though.

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From shopping for wholesale baking supplies (try wholesales as they’ll definitely save you some cost), to choosing the designs and even the baking process, every step is delicate and extremely important if you want to end up with a masterpiece. We’ll be looking at some of the wedding cake trends that are currently very classy and poised to leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests, but before that let’s look briefly at some very important tips to consider before choosing a wedding cake or following a trend:

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  • Go in for a tasting to be able to know your baker’s capabilities.
  • Hire a professional instead of some cheap junkies who’ll eventually ruin your big day.
  • Ensure you know the expected guest turnout and plan accordingly.
  • Have a budget and don’t go overboard simply because you want to outdo a friend and order a gigantic cake for a small affair.
  • Choose the right colors and style that suit your venue, theme and even your dress and wedding colors.
  • Choose the right flavors and frosting options.

Only in this way, your wedding cake will be a reflection of your own personal style but not a copycat of a previous wedding or Internet-sourced image.Now let’s look at some of the wedding cake trends that we just can’t get enough of. Some of them include:

  1. NAKED WEDDING CAKES; Tired of the over iced cakes and icing decorations? The naked cake is a great way of adding color and extra appeal to your weddings with fruits like blackberries, strawberries, and even figs, which can give your cake a more rustic but exciting look.

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  1. DRIPPING WEDDING CAKES; After frosting your cake and they still look plain and not exciting enough, try adding some creamy chocolate, vanilla or caramel sauce on it, this can give an extra layer of flavor and even add more color to your cake.

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  1. BLACK AND WHITE CAKES; Going for an all-black or all-white cake in your big day never goes out of fashion, it also creates a special art canvass for you to decorate as much as you want, you can try by adding gold embellishments or even metallic pieces are also a great idea.

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  1. FLORAL WEDDING CAKES; Seven out of ten weddings always have a floral cake in place. It is classy, delicate and simply beautiful to add to the spice of your wedding. The flowers can be sugar or even real, and they also go well with each season. For example, blossom flowers for spring and colorful, tropical flowers for spring.wholesale baking supplies

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