Trendy Nail Art Ideas for Bride

A bride is the cynosure of all attention on the most special day of her life. Not only all eyes are upon her but every move she makes gets photographed and recorded. So it becomes imperative to get as close to perfection as possible for this special day. Along with the best dress, hair, makeup possible a perfect manicure and pedicure are a must. And will help project a beautiful polished image. There are many creative ways in which you can do your nails for your big day. Here are some amazing trends in nail art ideas specially designed for brides you should have a look at.

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To sport the best trends to have a long perfectly shaped nail is of prime importance. You can achieve this with Nail Extension, Nail Overlays, Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails and UV Nail Extension. There are also many types of creative nail art kit and self-adhesive nail art kit available online to choose from. But you’d better choose a good salon to get your beautiful nail art instead of doing it on your own.

nail art kit

Wedding Bliss Gold Nails

The top trend in 2018 definitely is the gold matt vs gold glossy combination on perfectly shaped nails which look gorgeous. For added razzmatazz, small beads or ornamentation can be added. Especially looks good on Asian as well as middle eastern brides and vibes well with their wedding attire and jewelry. Patterns like strips, checks also look elegant on gold nails. There is a wide range of metallic colors you should explore before choosing your look.

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Perfect Match Bejeweled Wedding Nails

Using the exact nail color to match your wedding outfit, makeup or jewelry is a very ‘in’ trend. Pastels look especially good bejeweled with white stones. Adding subtle sparkling nail polish on one or two fingers in the matching colors is also a good idea.

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Classic Wedding French Manicure

This trend will definitely never go out of fashion. Well manicured nails with translucent polish with curved or straight white tips look simple and beautiful. They go with any number of outfits or costume changes. Sporting nude colors with a French manicure also looks elegant.

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Wedding Message Nails

Nude nails with a custom message like ‘i do’ on your ring finger will be definitely on point and quirky to sport on your special day.

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Wedding Mats

Going super matt on long straight cut nails look on point and classy for sure. Go with a nude or pastel shade which catches the lightest version of your wedding outfit color.

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Essential White Wedding Nails

A staple for any bride going with a white wedding. Also adding a few white stone, Swarovski crystals or diamantes with your nails will really pop your look.

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Path Breaking Black Wedding Nails

A rebel bride looks for sure. Sported by trendy and unconventional brides who rock this look with cocktail style dresses or even pastel ones!

nail art kit

Going Dark Wedding Nails

Shades like wine or red which perfectly match your lipstick shade are a traditional look for most brides and never go out of fashion.

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