Things You Need to Remember before Wedding

Many young couples who planning their wedding are suffer from restless, they do not know what had do, what is not complete yet. See the list on the eve of the wedding, you will simply fulfilling work in preparation for the wedding.

wedding necessaries

What should you do 5-8 weeks before the wedding?

– Send invitations to guests.

– Visit the barber shop, decide the styling and makeup on the ceremony . Try several times to select the most satisfactory one.

– Invite bridesmaids and groomsmen and order their clothes.

– Describe the bridesmaids and the groom’s friend role, organize a rehearsal opening dance.

wedding necessaries

What should be done 2-4 weeks before the wedding ?

– Confirm the details of the wedding ceremony.

– Try the wedding bride and groom’s suit.

– Selection of bridal bouquets and foam roses to decorate the ceremony.

– Decided the wedding menu, confirm the participation of your wedding guests, dining seating arrangements

– Try on wedding rings, if you are specifically ordered.

– A meeting to discuss the details with the photographer, and attach photos.

– Order a DJ and discuss wedding background music.

wedding necessaries

What do you need to prepare for the wedding only a week left?

– Make sure the bride and groom dress are ready, put the wedding dress in the wedding dress storage bag and make it well-prepared.

– The guest list finalized.

– Wedding process and regular route are settled.

– Identify meals, drinks and wedding cake.

-Prepare spare foam bouquet holder

wedding necessaries

Wedding day!

– Relaxed your state of mind, believe that you own the world’s most perfect wedding.

– Give a toast to your family and friends, thank them for their dedication to the ceremony.

– Relax and enjoy! You’ve done everything you need for your wedding. All your hard work and planning have not been in vain, to enjoy a beautiful wedding it!


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