The Countdown to Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020: Come and Join Us!

On March 27, the big interactive activity called Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020 was launched by Banggood, which is one of the most important international e-commerce retailers in China. Now partnering with Facebook, Banggood staff has made all-out efforts to make the activity interested to you, by offering a series of funny interactive programs and a bunch of prizes in the event. As the campaign goes in full swing, the countdown to Banggood Easter Live Stream has begun and with only 3 days left to the broadcast, it will be a great time for you to have some fun in the live stream. And as the epidemic is accelerating, why not just enjoy the Banggood Easter Live Stream and win a prize by staying at home.

Banggood Easter Live Stream

Not to mention, the prizes in the live stream are much more varied and interest than you could ever imagine. For example, you may win pcs, laptops, RC quadcopters, smartphones, earphones, speakers or smartwatches, all of which will be offered by Xiaomi. Blitzwolf, Eachine, and Chuwi. Worthy to notice, you may be lucky enough to win a Xiaomi Note 9s. If you are someone who is working from home or who is seeking some entertainment gadgets during the stay-at-home period, then you shouldn’t miss this as the prizes will contain CHUWI HeroBook Pro Notebook, Blitwolf AIRAUX AA-UM2 Earphone and Teclast M16 Tablet PC. And some cleaning gadgets or office appliances likeCHUWI HeroBook Pro Notebook Huayi UV Ozone Dual Tube Sterilization Lamp, Digoo BB-T1 USB Ceramic R-Blade Hair Trimmer, Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier are available to cater to the epidemic protection. What’s more, in the live stream, there will be many more big coupons, some of which go up to 30% off just for you. So you can buy any of them with the coupons we offer. To your surprise, you might walk away with the $999 Easter Basket that contains Original Box CHUWI MiniBook, Hubsan H117S RC Quadcopter, Original Xiaomi Air 2 Earphone, BMAX S15 Laptop, BlitzWolf BW WA2 Bluetooth Speaker and Wechip W2 Air Mouse. Can this get any better folks! I mean, why in the world would you miss such an event! If you are yet to participate in it, click here to join us.

Now that we are three days away from the historic event, it is high time for us layout the event schedule, and also how you could win the prizes being offered. Having said that, here is the schedule:

As we know, the live stream will start at 5 pm (UTC/GMT+1) on April 10th and as it approaches, you can enter the broadcast by clicking the event page. The live stream will include three sections. They are as follows.

Banggood Easter Live Stream

Section 1. Fun+Healthy home life products review

In this section, the host will smash Easter eggs one by one, where 10 new arrivals or hot-sale products that users have voted in Banggood event web-page before the live stream will be placed respectively. Every time he smashes an Easter egg, he will say the password code and will also review the product in the Easter egg he just smashed in the live stream. Worthy to know that the password code is the key here, in that, for you to get a big prize you comment the password under the Live. This is the only way that you will get a chance to win and get the review item as a prize. What’s more, by sending the password code in the comment section, you will get a big coupon with which you will be able to use to buy the item in the Easter egg he just smashed. However, the amount of coupons is limited. So you should try to send it as soon as possible. Would you like to win a favorite product as a prize?

Banggood Easter Live Stream

Section 2. Present 5 Easter greeting cards, giving away prizes

In this section, the host presents five Easter greeting cards and reads the content of the blessings which is personalized and shared by the users before broadcast. The creators of the 5 greeting cards would get a surprising prize respectively。 Since only three days to the life event, if you want to send Easter greeting E-card to family or friends and in the mean time get big coupon or win surprise gifts, please click here to do it, or send key word ”Easter” to Banggood Messenger to do it, as you may be the one to take the biggest prize home with you.

Section 3. $999 Easter basket giveaway

In this section, a $999 Easter Basket will be offered as the biggest prize. The Easter basket contains 6 products, which adds up to a total amount of $ 999. All for only one lucky guy! To win the Easter Basket, you can join the draw by sending the password code. Only the ones sending the password code will get a chance to win the big prize. Having said that, please join the live stream at 5 pm (UTC/GMT+1) on April 10th.

Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020 is going in full swing. Participation in the live stream will be an interesting experience, enlivened by a series of chances for you to get a big prize. So if you are locked up at home because of the COVID-19 lockdown , why not just join the live stream to pick a big prize. Now its countdown has begun. There are only three days left before the live stream begins. If you haven’t joined yet, please check here to join us. Believe it or not, as long as you join, you will get a prize. Everyone is a lucky dog. Just join us now. I have to highlight that the live stream will officially start at 5 pm (UTC/GMT+1) on April 10th in Banggood Facebook page, Don’t miss!

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