Identical Triplets Get Married at the Same Time – Wearing the Same Dress!


I saw an interested and warm wedding on internet. Talk about a triple whammy! Guests at the Bini family wedding in Brazil witnessed identical triplets marry on the same day, in the same ceremony while wearing the same dress.

triplet-wedding triplet-wedding triplet-wedding

Although most wouldn’t want to share their wedding day with someone else (let alone the same dress), 29-year-old sisters Rafaela, Rochele and Tangiane Bini aren’t your average brides. They’ve always shared similar tastes and interests, ever since they were little girls, and their nuptials were no different. Case in point: They each wanted to have their own unique hair and makeup for the big day, but they all ended up liking the same style. Rochele tells The Daily Mail “It’s not even worth trying, it always ends up like that.”


The only differentiating factor besides their grooms, of course was that they carried bouquets in different hues. Their 18 bridesmaids wore red, yellow or blue dresses that color-coordinated with their “assigned” bride.


Sounds confusing, right? The grooms, Rafael, Gabriel, and Eduardo, admitted that they were worried they might get mixed up during the vows; however, the ceremony worked out perfectly. “Oh yes, I knew which one was mine, for sure. I knew as soon as she entered the church; she was the most beautiful,” said Eduardo, Tagiane’s husband.


It was the brides’ parents’ suggestion to throw a triple wedding for their daughters. The biggest challenge was logistically figuring out a way for their Dad, Pedro, to escort all three daughters down the aisle at Nossa Senhora Aparecida Catholic Cathedral. The solution they came up with was to all walk together halfway down the church and from there, he made separate trips, giving each daughter a sweet kiss on the forehead.


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