Flowers on Wedding Ceremony

No matter what time of the season, flowers are essential wedding decorations. Not only because flowers can help create a romantic wedding atmosphere, as well as the meaning of flowers are always love and happiness. Young couple must know the significance of the wedding flowers. However, some flowers are not suitable for the wedding.

Wedding flowers

There are many occasions on the wedding scene that need to be decorated with flowers. Guest register, cake table, wedding cake, or table, guest message, photo wall and around. In addition to these places, the bride holding flowers, the first flower and corsage, bridesmaids and bead hair chain comb. In order to prevent the flowers from withering, you can also use foam rose. Do not forget the foam bouquet holder. These small details, get the embellishment of flowers will make your wedding more perfect.

Wedding flowers

Rose is a symbol of love. It is the best spokesperson of love, many new couple use roses on their wedding, but roses in different colors have different meanings . Red rose on behalf of love, pink roses are the declaration of love, white roses symbol innocence, purity, respect. The lily stands for purity. In Christianity, lilies symbolize purity, chastity and innocence. At Easter, lilies often appear in Christian homes because they are symbols of Jesus’ resurrection. In China, the lily is a symbol of maternal love, they are well used in the wedding that young couples will always be happy. In ancient Rome and Greece, the wedding, the lily symbolizes purity and innocence, you can use lilies and wheat combinations as the bride’s headdress.

Wedding flowers

Carnations on behalf of warm. Most of the carnations are representative of love, charm and respect. Light red carnations on behalf of admiration, dark red on behalf of deep love and care; pure white represents the purity of love and luck; pattern carnation refused to courtship when the apology. Pink carnations have the most important symbol and historical significance, so the pink carnation became a symbol of immortal maternal love. Sword orchids on behalf of the feelings of nostalgia, but also said that love, longevity.



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