Dresses on the Wedding Ceremony

Many girls are looking forward to a grand beach wedding. They grew their own fantasy to wear a beautiful wedding, witnessed by the sea, married to beloved man. In this popular wedding season, many young couples are planning a romantic beach wedding. For the bride and bridesmaid, how to choose the short beach wedding dress is a big problem.

Beach bridesmaid dresses

The fabric of wedding dress on the beach must be thin and breathable. In addition to traditional silk and chiffon, it is suitable for use on linen or cotton fabric. These garments are usually decorated with lace, embroidery. On the beach wedding means feet will stick with the sand, almost all brides choose a long dress. Look at the most favorable casual lace wedding dress flowing to the ground, like a waterfall may be multi-layered skirt, but still made of thin translucent fabrics.

Beach bridesmaid dresses
In the year beach bridesmaid dresses or beach wedding style and is very compatible. It can be charming bride looks to increase feminine characteristics. Short wedding dress is the most convenient in terms of comfort: the skirt will not tripping when walking your feet, not hot. In addition, this style allows you to focus on the bride’s slender and beautiful legs.

Beach bridesmaid dresses


Bridesmaid wedding on the beach should take into account climatic conditions. Not recommended to choose with tight-fitting dresses, dresses massive decorations. In the main selection criteria should be: brightness, air circulation, openness, wrinkle resistance. The popular choice is linen style bridesmaid dress. This model resembles a combination of styles. In fact, this is a thin strap sundresses. However, even such a simple dress can look attractive. Of course, this should not be flashy heavy brocade or velvet. The important role of bridesmaid is not dress very exaggerated, and set off the beauty of the bride.

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