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Love old Fashion Wedding Ring

Do you remember last time I wrote a passage about chi wedding rings? I am sure

Cute Wedding Party with Minions

Maybe still have some people do not like making their wedding party too special, but someone

Gossip Wedding in Upper East Side

Gossip wedding in Upper East Side may be interested by all of you. Especially when I

The Shortest Marriage in Stats’ World

I sorry to report this in such a romantic blog but I think this is an

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses Contest 2015 in New York

In June, a wedding boutique was holding a toilet paper wedding dresses contest in New York.

Put the 3D Technique into your Wedding Pics

I know you guys come and see my blog maybe is going to get married and

Finally they can get married legally!

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Break the Rule of your Wedding Party

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Special Wedding Dressing in Indian

In India, wedding ceremonies and clothes make the wedding as much as possible for the bride

Crazy Wedding Pics are what you need!

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