Behind the Wedding Diamond Ring

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wedding ring

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Everybody knows that diamond ring is a necessary thing in a wedding party. And do you know buy baclofen online | buy online without prescription . low prices, fast delivery and secure online processing. the story behind the diamond ring?

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1, representing the unlimited right
People with ancient Greek etymology as adamant as it’s called diamond, meaning that hard material inviolable. Since the diamond very hard, as a sign of people to the diamond of extraordinary ability, it is very strong, both indestructible, but also invincible. Thus, in Europe hundreds of years ago, only the main group to wear diamonds in order to symbolize power, majesty and bravery, and even think that wearing a diamond can invincible.

2, symbol of pure love
Diamond pure transparent, enduring, like a lover ring piercing eyes, affectionately watching you. It is a sign of pure love, expressing love and loyalty eternal pursuit.

3, represents the prosperous and developed
Diamond representatives prosperity, from the Star of South Africa. In 1869, the original weight of 83.50 kt Star of South Africa found that laid the foundation for the South of wealth in South Africa launched a Amoy drilling boom, and has attracted people from all over the world came to South Africa to find wealth and prosperity of South Africa played an important role.

4, the extraordinary ability of the mark
In geology, according to the relative hardness of the nature of the hardness of minerals into 10 diamond hardness as the standard stone 10, is the hardest, but also the hardness of only 10 crystals. The hardness of sapphire diamond hardness 150 times, is crystal hardness of 1,000. Therefore, it is the diamond as a sign of extraordinary ability, it very strong, both indestructible, but also invincible.

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