Banggood is Gonna to Give You a Xmas Super Sale

As Christmas day approaching, Banggood is gonna to offer you a big promotion named Xmas Super Sale. Officially, it will start on December 21 and last till December 23. However, it has begun on December 12th as the warming up part, encompassing a lot of discounts and coupons. The Xmas Super Sale will be a big deal before the new year comes. So many great discounts can coupons are available for you. However, how to be the biggest winner of this sale may be obscure to you. So here I will show you a guide on how to join this big promotion well. For more details about the promotion, please check here.

Banggood Xmas Super Sale

When you enter the main promotion page of Xmas Super Sale, you will see 7% off site-wide coupons. Then you should grab it into your card pocket first because there is only 2000pc. Please remember you only can use it between December 10 to December 23rd.


And then what should notice is the Buy-One-Get-One part. Here it provides you with eight products, all of which are the hot-sale products of the Banggood web. Visit the page and get you to want.


Next, if you favour the products from big brands, you should not miss the Xmas Big Brand Events. Here you can buy smart devices, home appliance and other products from the famous brand at a discounted price. In this part., more than 40% off are available for you. And 6% off and 10% off coupons are offered to you. What’s more, from December 21 till 23rd, there are half price brand deals and flash deals available for you to get what you want without paying too much.


Then, Xmas mega special deal will be the greatest chance for you to buy what you want at the lowest price. Many products are available at the unprecedentedly lowest price, among which ones lower to $1.25 are available for you, and you can also receive a Christmas gift by spending $0.1. In this part, it also prepares Christmas Lucky Socks in which there are the very valuable mysterious products. Generally speaking, the lucky socks are very cheap for you to buy, which means that you will have the chance to buy the products that may be more valuable than the money you pay.


Moreover, from December 10 to December 23rd, you will have the chance to win free orders. Everyone who purchases the products during this time can join this activity. The results will be not available until the Super sale ends.


More big discounts are offered to category deals. They are as follows:

RC toys & Hobbies: Up to 50% off

Hot electronics: Up to 15% off

Smart devices: Up to 20% off

Outdoor gear: UP to 60% off

Automobiles & Motorcycles: UP to 20% off

Home & Supplies: lower to $0.99

Fashion: UP to 80% off


Lastly but not least, I want to tell you that all the big deals will benefit you more if you use Google pay because if your order is more than $50, you can get $5 BG credits. Or you can also download the Banggood app to buy more at a discounted price. Banggood has been dedicated to providing quality products at a low price. The Xmas Super Sale is the biggest gift for you in Christmas 2018. So join it and enjoy the great festival with Banggood.

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