Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival 2019:Massive Unbeatable Brand Deals

Hey, hey, hey! There are only 7 days left before the double eleven festival arrives and many sales and deals will be offered by online shopping and offline shopping retailers are well-ready for this worldwide shopping festival. One of China’s best international e-commerce retailers, Banggood has firstly launched its grand shopping carnival called Banggood 11.11 shopping festival 2019 which started on October 20th. Now Banggood’s Double Eleven Sale has been in full swing and encompassing a series of discounts, coupons and gifts. Now the Double Eleven Festival approaches the countdown to the most important stage of Banggood Double Eleven Sale. With only 7 days left to the mouth-watering blowout stage, it will be a landslide of amazing deals all for you to grab. So do not miss out.

Banggood 11.11 shopping festival 2019

Since its launch, Banggood has had tons of visits and high sales volume on it’s site. During the blowout sale, the last discounting binge of the Double Eleven Sale will take place to provide you with the golden opportunity to satisfy all of your shopping wishes. And whether you have a shopping plan or not, I think you will be willingly involved in this discounting binge and price drop storm which happens all the product categories. Now, let me show them to you.

Slash Price Deals

The first thing you should pay more attention is the new giveaway game “Slash Price Deals” will be shown to you . Here you can have a chance to buy a product just by paying $0.01. And what is surprising is that the products are the hot sellers from Banggood partner brands. For example, Xiaomi 8A smartphone, Eachine Novice racing drone, and Blitzwolf BW-FYE6 are available in the warm-up sale. When the blowout sale comes, more amazing products like Xiaomi Ukulele and Eachine EV800D FPV.

To succeed in the deal, you also need to know the rules of the game. When the game begins, you can select the product and then form the link for an invitation through which you can invite your friends to slash the price. Once you slash to the target price within the time limit, you should remember to place an order to get the item. Otherwise, you can not get the products. And you need to pay US$0.01 for shipping. Although it is important you know that all products are limited in quantity. If the product you choose sells out before you slash to the target price, your Slash would of failed. We advise that you should try to invite more of your friends to slash the order to get the desired product free.

Banggood 11.11 Shopping Festival 2019

The Special Offers for Hot-Sale Products From Banggood Top Valued Brand That You Can Not Miss

Are you crazy about top brand product deals? Or are you crazy about any desired product from Banggood top valued brands but you feel it is a little expensive so that you could not afford it before? If you do, the good news that it is the best time for you to get the desired one from top valued brands like Xiaomi, Blitzwolf and Digoo because during the blowout sale, most of hot sale items will be available at a great discounted price. For example,

One of the popular smartphones of the year, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 not only does it comes with 48 MP macro cameras, lending itself to creative framing but it also has a 40000mAh battery capacity that can get you through a full workday. So if you are wanting a smartphone with those features, this could be the first choice for you. During the blowout sale, it will be given a big discount of 26% off. That means you can get it for only $179.99.

Also do you want a FRV drone that can bring the best shooting experience? Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE is possibly that foldable drone with a 4K camera which can satisfy you.  If you are excited about this amazing drone, you should not miss it in the Double Eleven Sale when it will be only available for for the low price of $449.

Or are you looking for a new music player for your car? Good news for you, the  iMars 7 Inch 2 Din Car MP5 Player , coming in Android 8.0 system, it can not only support more than 50 languages but it also supports software updating, Wifi. GPS, FM as well as Bluetooth. Making it so full of specifications, this car player can satisfy you with the best user experience. During the blowout stage of the Double Eleven Sale, it will be given an unprecedentedly big discount of 62% off. And you can get it by only paying $47.99.

Besides the hot-sale items mentioned above, much more ones will be offered at a great discount. Now check here to look for what you want.

Brand Fest Deal: Massive Big Coupons 

To lift branding upgrades to the new level, Banggood will continue to join hands with its partner brands like iMars, Kospet, and UMIDIGI to offer you the best deals during the Double Eleven Sale. Some of the new arrivals in this section are going to be available at a great discounted price and the good deals like flash deal and big coupons are offered to you. So do not miss it.

Banggood 11.11 shopping festival 2019

Do you want to be the first one to own the latest electronics? And do you want to get your favorite new electronics at the lowest prices? If you do, the new launches will be the best deal for you. Now let me show some of them for you and you may find how fantastic the deal is.

iMars 7 Inch Car Player that comes with a processor of 4 Core 2.0GHz which promises you the smoothest operating system. Supporting multiple navigation maps and navigation split screen function, it allows you to enjoy the best navigating experience.  And the good news is that a new product as new as this will be given 40% off and you can get it only at $89.99. So if you are going to change your car player, do not miss it.

Kospet PRIME Smartwatch comes with a 1.6 super retina full-round display that brings you dramatically great viewing experience. Worth to notice, it has a 1260mAh battery capacity that is nearly 40% more than the highest capacity battery on the market, which is a distinguished leap in battery life. With such a big battery capacity, it allows you to use it for even 3 days under full-charge condition.If you are finding a smartwatch of great capacity, it will be the best choice for you. And in the blowout sale, it will be available at only $149.99

UMIDIGI F2 smartphone comes with a 48mp AI Quad camera and 32mp AI high -resolution selfie camera, which not only allows you to capture the best moment in our daily life but also allows you to take wonderful selfies. If you are interested in taking photos by using a mobile phone, that will be a good choice for you. Such a smartphone will be offered to you during the Sale. With the biggest discount only available in the Double Eleven, you can get it only at $199.99

In addition to the best deals for new arrivals, we also have Flash Deals special for brand hot-sale products from Banggood partner brands like SJRC, EleksMaker, and H96. As we know, a flash deal always offers rock bottom prices. The highest discounting rate will reach 55% off and some of them will even go at only $0.01 so why you can miss out on them. Some best deals that you can not miss here will go like:  SJRC F11 PRO FRV drone that goes with 120 FOV lens and 5G wifi transmission will come at only $145.99. And the H96 Mini TV box which is considered as a theater of your home is available for you only at $40.99. To help you snap up what you want, here I have to remind you warmly that the products in the flash deal activity come in limited time and limited number. So if you are interested in one of them, please concentrate more on it.

And other fantastic deals like coupon deals are ready for you to grab the hot sale products from Banggood partner brands. Some of the big coupons will go 52% off. For example, Hubsan H117S RC Drone that comes with a 4k camera will be given 52% coupon. To remind you warmly, all the coupons are limited in amount. First come and first served.

New Season Trending Fashion Sales: Unbeatable Deals With $11.11

The autumn-winter season is also the time for us to rock our fashion style. To promise a happy autumn-winter season, Banggood sets off a price drop storm in all the fashion categories, which lets you enjoy one-stop shopping and get what you need only by spending pennies. With this unprecedented price drop storm coming, all the big discounts and coupons will be released for you. For example, the snap up activity for fashion brand products is offered for you. Here a big discount like 80% off will be shown to you, For example,

Digoo DG-MR10 Ultrasonic Mosquito Killer comes with three different frequencies of sound waves that protect your family from being harmed by mosquito. It is available for you only at $3.99 but there are only 100 pcs. So do not miss it.

Women Casual Shirt Dress is comfortable and fashionable for you to wear. By collocating with a coat, you can easily create your casual fashion style in the autumn-winter season. In the blowout sale, it is offered only at $13.99. Please note that there are only 30 pcs.

Besides, featured with Double Eleven, $11.11 flash deal activity is available for you to bring you the best deals. Believe it or not, all the products are offered only at $11.11. For example,

TWO-SIDED Men’s Casual Corduroy Shirt is the necessary fashion item for you in the autumn-winter season. You can not only wear it as a coat to dress yourself a causal style but you can also combine it with a vest to create your own British vintage style.

Every fashion man needs good shaver to keep you a tidy look every day. VGR Male Portable Electric Shaver that comes in waterproof design and automatic grinding technology can serve you the best shaving experience. And with a stylish outlook, it is the necessity of every fashion man.

Bakeey X9 smartwatch with multi-function data monitoring and tracking can allow you to wear it to a series of sporting occasions. And coming in a simple fashionable look, it can accessorize you with sports fashion style.

Banggood 11.11 shopping festival 2019

Now, Banggood 11.11 shopping festival 2019 has been going in full swing, along with wave after wave of discounting binges and price drop storms. It is the golden opportunity for you to snatch up what you want. When the blowout stage of the Sale arrives, the biggest discounts and coupons will comes in waves. To remind you warmly, it is on November 10th when the blowout period will begin. And it serves you only 48hours. Do not miss it. For more information about the Banggood 11. 11 shopping festival 2019, please check here.

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